Monday, March 2, 2015

How to make your fav lip product last longer?

I got this chapstick lip repair treatment a while back from the airport when my lips needed quick repair. My lips needs daily light exfoliation and daily intense moisturizer. When I apply this chapstick it works as a miracle on my lips, it moistens my lips at a lightening speed.
One thing I hate on lip repair products are they sit too heavily on my lips. I love the chapstick I have but i often wonder what will i do if its over because I shifted to a different country and It will be too hard to get hands on it.
I had this amazing idea of saving on my fav product which I have'nt read it anywhere. 
Here's what you'll need :
Your fav lip treatment
Coconut oil
I used a matchstick to mix these two
Empty small container

I plucked small quantity of my chapstick and mixed it with coconut oil in a small empty jar with a matchstick. 
Mix it thoroughly to not only save the product but also add some natural ingredient in your life. 
This won't last for forever :) but it'll do forawhile till I come across another good lip balm.
Let me know which is your fav lipbalm?

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