Friday, February 6, 2015

How to re-use/thoroughly clean few makeup brushes in one sitting.

A big warm hello to everyone and thankyou for reading my first ever blog on how to quickly clean our Makeup Brushes.
Firstly, I will use couple of lines to welcome you to my blog where I will be posting regular quick tips on keeping our body glowing, clean and more importantly happy.
I always come across amazing tips which are either beauty related or fashion related. I think upon those and I find it a better ways to put those tips on use. So, here I am sharing them with the world hoping to make ourselves over all happy and content with what is given to us.
Your feedback and responses would be highly appreciated!

Now on to the topic.

I have been trying various makeup looks on myself recently, teaching myself applying makeup on different face shapes. But, believe it or not I have very few brushes to put on full makeup on my face.

Below are the pictures I have from when I was cleaning them, each in under 2 minutes

I used baby wipe to clean them since these wipes have little amount of moisturizer in them to also maintain brushes along with cleaning every bit of makeup out of it and that way I can reuse each brush in a single sitting as well.

This picture is from when I used my brush to apply foundation. Clean it at a circular motion and you will see the colour on your wipe...
After cleaning it thoroughly wipe it dry on a cotton cloth for about 10-20 seconds and it is ready to use it again.

 Similarly do it with eye shadow brushes and you need not buy/use another brush. It has worked perfectly fine on me.

Let me know what you all  think about this tip!

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