Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to remove tan and have softest lips

My lips have been so chapped and tanned lately and that is not a good sign for upcoming valentines day.
I have been trying out many things trust me to remove tan and soften those lips of mine and I can say I have finally found something that works for me plus it has all natural products that you probably have in your kitchen.

You need-
Brown sugar(helps exfoliating yuckiness off if lips)
Drop of lemon(helps remove tan)- you need very less amount else it will burn/tingle your lips.
Drop of coconut oil- to moisturize as well as reduce burning sensation (if any) from lemon drop.
Mix these ingredients and rub it on your lips and wipe it off with splash of water.
Next apply 2 drops of honey on your lips as a lip mask(this will be hydrating).
Wash honey off and apply a dab of coconut oil and see you lips drinking the oil and hydrating your lips.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day !
Loads of kisses ;)

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